Found it! & 100th Post GIVEAWAY!

I'm very excited to tell you that this is my 100th blog post! I really didn't know where this little blog was going to go, or where it would take me, but here we are and I'm having a lot of fun with it, coming up with ideas to show you and having a place to brag about my amazing family and the things we get up to.

So in celebratory fashion, I would like to give one of my lovely readers a special little Angrycute monster. As you can see it's quite cute and lovable (child not included) and would make a lovely addition to any home or office.

Here's how to enter: 
Leave a comment after this post with your name and your city and your very favorite weather from now until August 16th and you will automatically be entered to win. You can earn extra entires by posting about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, facebook etc. Just leave an EXTRA comment with a link to each place you mention the giveaway. The winner will be randomly drawn from the comments, and the contest is open anywhere in the world!

And now for this week's Found it!

I found this 1985 Star Wars game called 'Battle at Sarlaccs Pit; and it has all the pieces! Only thing missing is the instructions on how to play. If I'm lucky, someone online has posted them but I have yet to look, although it's made for 7-14 years old ... it might not be that hard to figure out.

you might have gathered that I'm a huge nerd ... I've always loved these angry pig soldier guys

here's the game in all it's 3 dimensional glory

I also found this amazing little plastic table for Gwyn. The hard plastic has gone a little bit yellow with age but it's in solid shape. The legs come off and I was able to take this and the board game (and some other stuff!) home on my bike in Gwyn's seat (she was sleeping at home)

These great little salt and pepper shakers match a little mug I found

This little adding machine has a great colour to it. I'm not sure how it works yet, but I know it is much smarter than I.

I remember seeing these type of crocheted egg cozies at my great grandmother's house.
Does any one else remember these!?

That's it for now, hope you have a great Monday night wherever you are!



Kill-A-DJ said...
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Kill-A-DJ said...

They're called Gamorrian Guards. They're from the planet Gamorr. If you really were a nerd, you'd know that.

Anna said...

i love star wars too! and that little table is adorable!

Malaga Ohio
sunshine sunshine sunshine!

Tawny said...

HI, I'm Tawny. I live in Winnipeg. My fave weather is snow and winter (so I guess it's a good thing I live in Winnipeg hehehe).

I've never even heard of a crocheted egg cozy! Those are terrific.

Cassandra said...

Hiya! I live in Oakland Twp, MI and although summer would be a very close second, it's too darn hot most of the time, so I love the fall. :) Plus cozy sweaters are the best!

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! And congrats on your 100th post! I'm a very new blogger myself...but I do know that must feel great!

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

fellow Winnipeger

I love sunshine! and your blog :)

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

shared this on my facebook
Ruth from Winnipeg

that little cutie is coming to live in my new work cube!

and I still love sunshine

marysza said...

now this is a suprise;d i would love to have a monster made by you!! i have your pin cushion still and i really love it, so probably a moster like this would be loved the same way;d

your daughter looks so cute on this photo!!

and omg i love star wars, when i was little i was watching it with my parents all the time. so a game like this looks great for me.. i didn't see a game like this from star wars before;p

ythis adding machine is weird;o

i see that your treasure hunts are gettin better and better.. so jelous!! ;d but i have to boast now;d i was on holidays with my boyfriend and we visited a second hand iwith lots of things (not only clothes - most of second hands here are only with clothes) and i found 2 beautiful lamps!! but i'll blog them later:) ;d

Just the Goods said...

Zomg! Gwyn just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Love that pic of her with the angry monster... the **very cool** angry monster! You are talented x infinity!

Mish said...

Oh my those are egg cozies!? I received two from a swap and the person had no idea what they were. It is so nice to finally know what they are for! Thanks!!


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