Family Fridays

This week I had the opportunity to visit Michael on his final day in the mixing studio, putting the finishing touches on one of his new albums. The space that they were using was a great studio in an old building in the Exchange district in downtown Winnipeg. The owner of the space had all sorts of interesting art projects and gear set up all over the place.

This is where Michael has been spending many days and nights recording and mixing all of his masterpieces. Being able to work on music for a "day job" is a total dream come true for Mike so it was really great to get to see where some of it happens. The real writing part goes on at home all the time, but I'm not going to show pictures of our home studio until we clean up some of the cat hair (:

Hope you have some amazing weekend plans ... I know we do ... thrifting!!


amanda said...

just wanted to comment on your creations... they are quite cute! love the foxes!

marathon1981 said...

Thankya very much (: I'll have a new batch of foxies in the shop over the weekend too !


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