Family Fridays

This week as been pretty full of some wonderful adventures! I missed last week's Family Friday because I was preparing for the Crafty Minions show the night before and I hadn't named all my creatures yet!

So we made sure to have extra fun this week to share with you.

Monday is my day off work so this week Gwyn, my sister Alexis, our mum and I went to visit Grandma (great grandma for Gwyn) for lunch and a chance to look at old pictures and visit. It was a great time and so important that Gwyn gets to know her family. She is a very lucky girl to have 4 grandparents, 4 great grandparents, and 1 step-great-great-grandmother.

After lunch my mum drove us girls out to Birds Hill Provincial Park to wonder around and show Gwyn the animals at Pineridge Hollow and the stables. 

We saw these ADORABLE pygmy goats (IWANTONE!) playing and G fed them some grass

A bathtub in a funny place

some sweet little bunnies ... her favorite animal.

and more sweet little goats. It was a great day out with the girls and after we had bbq supper with my folks and then relaxed at home.

Thursday Mike was in the studio mixing his newly recorded album, so G and I had the evening to ourselves. Rather than stay inside we decided to hit the Thrift store via bicycle. Our journey took us on a lovely trail that connects all the way from our house, down Wolsley to Wellington across the bridge,  down to Assiniboine Park, through the Assiniboine Forest full of wonderful birch trees, and out into Charleswood, an area in Winnipeg we would probably never visit except for the thrift store!

On our way home G asked for icecream, so we stopped in at The Nook, around the corner from our place, and shared a wonderful large vanilla milk shake. The best is when they come in the metal cups!

Gwyn had a great time sitting in the booth all by herself and leaning over to talk to the cook.

Today's adventure consisted of fighting through construction and rush hour traffic to get out of town and on our way to the St. Andrew's airport where Grandpa L was with a special airplane.

This little girl sure loves her airplanes and pretty much gets to sit in one any time grandpa is around

After that it was a trip to Mike's folk's farm for drum practice and doing laundry. Gwyn and I visited the horses, but they didn't seem to want their photos taken!

They sky was wonderful and moody with distant rumbles meaning a storm brewing

We had some fun in the yard before it was too dark and rainy

Hope you've had a wonderful week full of adventures too, I would love to know what you were up to!



Josh Healy said...

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Cassandra said...

Hi there! I didn't have as much fun as you girlies seem to have had, that's for sure! But I am prepping my new craft room for painting. And I got a couple new plushies sewn up. So, pretty low key, but exciting and good in its own way. Thanks for sharing!

marathon1981 said...

Cassandra, you are SO lucky , I would love to have a whole room for crafts AND be able to paint!
Your beaver plushies are super cute also!
Thanks to you for charing too!

Janna said...

Just discovered you via Freckled Nest!!! I think I need to make an ETSY purchase from your shop...I am due to have a baby boy in a coupld of weeks and I think a little fox would fit right in the nursery I am trying to pull together.
I am from Saskatoon....nice to meet you neighbour!!!

marathon1981 said...

Lovely to meet you too Janna, all the best with your prairie boy! (:


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