Crafty Minions: The Visual

Today was a lovely overcast and drizzly day for a craft sale! The Crafty Minions Handmade and Vintage sale took place in the lovely Aqua Books in downtown Winnipeg and was a great success for it's first year running. 

As it happens, I wasn't the only one who thought it would be fitting to wear navy blue and polka dots ... there were 4 of us through out the day!

The lovely Melanie of Dizzy Dame. I bought one of her lovely pinwheel hair clips.

her very clever wool and linen bunnies

Just the Goods was making the room smell like some AMAZING spicy nights with her vegan brand of body care products, all hand made by the beautiful Milena.

The glowing Heather Bays and her quirky felted creations and great little newborn booties

Art and jewelry by Cara

I really loved this tea painting on reclaimed wood. The cup stain looked so real!

Mike and Gwyn came for a visit and G had a lovely time shopping for vintage beads and got a hair bow from Heather's shop.

Hand printed tshirts from Lady T

and more great hand screen printed patches and shirts from Celeste.

I got one of her I heart Accordion patches! Sometimes I wish I hadn't sold my accordion ... but they don't go over well in apartments!

Chandra of Head in the Over and her fantastic embroidered aprons with sassy 80's pop lyrics. She was also one of the organizers of this little event and did a great job of pulling it together!

And my little table of goodies!

Quite a few little creatures found new homes today and it was great to meet some new crafty folks and visit with old ones.

There were other great vendors at this show but unfortunately my camera ran low on batteries before I was able to snap them all, and due the the 'wooden' nature of the room some photos turned out just too yellow! But the Crafty Minions Handmade and Vintage Sale is planning to pop up again during the Christmas season so keep and eye out if you're in Winnipeg!

Thanks so much to all the great friends and family who stopped by to visit and show support. 

Have a great weekend, hoped you enjoyed the tour!

p.s. the giveaway is still open HERE until MONDAY night!


marysza said...

your stand was the cutest for sure;d but shii;p i see that your sewing all the time, cuz there were a loooot of creatures :)

marathon1981 said...

thanks! I just can't seem to stop sewing!

Cara Jess Gesell said...

Yay! It's exciting to see my stuff on here! Do you mind if I link to this page on my blog?
themidkid.blogspot.com ?

marathon1981 said...

Cara, thanks for the link! I've linked you back as well (:

Just the Goods said...

Whoooooooooooooooooo! Crafty Minions was so much fun -- you Aqua Book and Eat Bistro people are pretty damned awesome ;-) Thanks so much for welcoming me, Kami, and thank e'en more for posting kind words about Just the Goods =-) I took some pics too and look forward to updating my blog, eventually, as well ;-) ha ha!
Marathon1981 Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuules!

marathon1981 said...

Hey it was a blast I hope you're coming to the december one! (: always great to see some awesome girls out who all kinda get eachother!


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