Craft On The Loose

Yesterday Gwyn and I went to check out the opening of an ongoing craft exhibit at the Forks called "Craft On The Loose" put on by the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library

There was no formal opening ceremony, just crafts all over in the public space, open to the elements, damage, love, admiration and probably animals too. 

As we wondered around it was kind of a scavenger hunt for us to find all the beautiful things hidden in the trees, on benches and posts and places you might not think to look.

I really loved the spiderweb-like doilies up in the trees.

This lovely display of hearts by Dizzy Dame

Some amazing tree embroidery

a huge quilt type piece hanging like a stained glass window right in the Prairie Garden

I'm not sure if many people were aware of the display as a whole, but it was great to see craft out in people's view

This hidden little owl family was made by a family of crafters who's 3 year old girl got to help too, including in some of their collection of feathers that they gathered on walks. 

We actually caught up with a tour of the exhibit half way through which was wonderful, to hear all the stories of the crafters and their thoughts behind each piece. We would have missed this wonderful canopy hidden in a little explored part of the trees along the river.

It is a lovely exhibit and an amazing idea. I did think about submitting a piece where I first heard the call for submission ... but time and inspiration were not with me. Now after seeing some of the great ideas out there, I hope the museum does this again another time!

This show will be running from August 6 - 20 at the Forks in Winnipeg, so if you are in the area check it out while you can! We plan to go back and see how the pieces survive the elements and evolve with their time outside.



Hearthandmade said...

yarn bombing is coming to belfast this month! i cant wait!

marathon1981 said...

Awesome! So excellent! I was in Belfast in 2006 and it is one of my favorite cities that I've visited! You've already got some amazingly important graffiti, yarn bombing will fit right in (: I want to see pictures!


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