Bombing West Broadway

Inspired by gorgeous images and ideas like these

 and the beautiful Craft on the Loose exhibit, my sister and I along with Gwyn decided it was time to use my growing collection of doilies for good rather than evil, and bombed a tree in front of our building with some flare!

I had been collecting these from thrift stores once in a while with this intention in mind but I was waiting for the right inspiration

my sister was over and we needed an adventure so we got out the yarn and made a tree cozy
Gwyn was totally in on the action!

I'm not sure how long it will last around here, but it was something fun to do and we saw people looking up in confusion which was the best part

Maybe next time we will go for something more elaborate ... I have a large collection of zippers and lace that might need a new home out in nature!

Hope you've had some inspiration too!



PeriwinkleDzyns said...

love it!

Dizzy Dame said...

Nice work Kami

marysza said...

you have so much fun stuff organised in your town!! so jelous!! ;d


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