A lovely day with the ladies

This Saturday was a special day for me because I got to spend it with some amazing ladies. 

Gwyn and I met with my friend Andrea for another wonderful morning at the St. Norbert Farmers Market. This market runs all summer long and although the vendors are often the same week to week, as the season progresses the wonderful offerings of fresh veggies, cut flowers and garden plants changes with the season.

Gwyn got to see some chickens up close and personal 

and we had a look at some honey bees. We took home a kilo of honey because Mike's favorite lunch is peanut butter and honey sandwiches, so we go through honey quick!

we saw some life folk musicians

and right next door was a splash park to cool off at. Gwyn got me and Andrea to walk with her under the red hoops and we all got soaked, but we dried quickly in the hot afternoon sun.

Later that evening I had a date with some more lovely women out at Bird's Hill Park for an evening of swimming, bonfire and smores.

I realized on the drive out that it had been a very long time since I had time away from the family since Gwyn was born. My though is always to have adventures as a family, but then I realized I need to stay sane sometimes and just get away!

This is what the drive looks like. For those of you not from the prairies ... it just goes on like this ... and I love it more than anything. Open skies as far as the eye can see calms my soul like nothing else. We went to the mountains last year, and though I love their majesty, I feel very boxed in and trapped. In the prairies I am free on all sides to go wherever I please. 

We swam for a little bit and then got going with the fire. I knew a few of the girls but the rest were friends of Jo who organized the evening. 
She's the one who reminded me it's OK to ditch the kids and have a life!

This was supposed to be a photo of a couple of deer that wandered quite close to where we were once it was dark ... but I think I just missed them ...

One of the girls brought a magical package that you throw in the fire to make the flames different colours. It looked way cooler in person.

Although I really did enjoy all the time to myself, I always enjoy coming home to this little beast!

Where do you get away to, to stay sane as a mum?
Hope you had a great weekend! Back later with the Found It! post


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