Little birthday wish etc.

I think I need this print in my kitchen! Couple weeks till my birthday ...... *hint*

Here are a couple new fellows I have been working on. It has been very hot and humid in Winnipeg the last couple days so I think my mind is going cuz these guys kinda creep me out! 

Due to the heat, Gwyn and I wanted to go to the splash park but the pools in the city were all closed because of a risk of thunderstorms ....

so we made our own splash park in the kitchen and had chocolate vanilla icecream to keep cool.

the floors needed a mop anyways!

hope you're staying cool too and Happy 4th of July to everyone down south!



marysza said...

oh! when is your birthday?! those new monsters are scarry!! really;p they are interesting etc.. but their faces;o scary!! ;d

marathon1981 said...

i know aren't they kinda scary!? My daughter didn't really want to hug them either, but she liked the buttons!
my birthday is on the 18th and I think we're just gonna have a board games night so it should be fun

marysza said...

board games? such as monopoly? i love monopoly but no one wants to play with me haha;d only my friend Asia but she lives far away an i see her once a year.. ;d

marathon1981 said...

we only have Star Wars Monopoly because we're huge nerds. Its just the same but different names for places, but I think it's more fun (:


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