Found it!

This week I wanted to show you some of the amazing things that I found but didn't take home. Sometimes one just has to pass on an amazing find for so many reasons ... no space, can't affort, can't justify, don't need ...

This amazing bedroom set caught my eye. It's one of those finds that I find so ugly it's beautiful in a strange way. 

I love that it came with a matching dresser with mirror. But no room, can't affort, can't justify (:

These tired old beauties made me think of all the projects and quilts and dresses and mending that might have been done with age old love of another time ... sitting and waiting for a new home and a new project ...

I believe they all worked as they had samples of stitches under the feet ... but it's a hard thing getting to know a new machine and my desk would be a bit crowded .. even with a sunny orange friend!

One of Gwyn's favorite things are "girls". She get's very attached to photos of girls or dolls with big sad eyes. We haven't done a lot to 'engender' her with femininity ... half the time she's even in boys clothes ... but something attracts her to pretty girls, so when I saw this old lithograph I thought it would look so nice her in room. But some thrift stores just ask a little bit too much for a simple item and I left these ones behind.

Part of the fun of hunting for treasures is only bringing home the real bargains and specials finds ... but that also means seeing some amazing items in the process that just can't come home ... but it makes the hunt that much more thrilling (:



Amanda said...

I look forward to these posts every week. You have a great eye!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Amanda! One of these days I'm going to come out to Winkler MCC (:

Lune Vintage said...

I like that bedroom set a lot. I would be tempted too (email me if you wanna share where you saw it) but I know what you mean about $. Thrift stores are so random with their pricing.

Your blog looks awesome - but center your BANNER GIRL! It's driving me nuts. haha. Is it all the way off to the left on your computer like it is on mine?

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Jill! No everything is centered on my computer, maybe it just shows up different on other browsers. I'm working on some new buttons and a new banner for the coming month so maybe it will show up better for you! (:

Check out the EK MCC if you wanna see the set in person (:

Lune Vintage said...

I kind of guessed that - isn't it bad that I know the insides of almost every thrift in town (we have a lot don't we).

It looks center now - looking fine!

marathon1981 said...

i know what you mean, i need to find some out of town shops to mix it up!


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