Found it!

During our treasure hunting excursion, besides finding great things for myself/our home, I love finding inexpensive toys for Gwyn. I mostly can't stand most plastic stuff, and especially some of the noisy ones we have been given ... but I do love a good classic spring operated toy.

This typewriter was a great find! It doesn't work entirely smoothly but G sure loves it and it's really kind of funny. I never had this one as a kid, but it brings back memories of a different time.

I don't know how old this 'Fun Camera' is but it has a certain style that modern toy cameras don't. They new ones are all so rounded and bubble like. This one simply changed a coloured filter in the view finder when you push the blue winder, and makes a click sound when you push the red button.

Gwyn's grandparents got her a toy cell phone for Christmas which she likes, because it's like mum and dad's, but we do have a rotary phone in the house too (not hooked up) so she gets the idea with this guy ... I definitely remember this one as a kid

and of course the Happy Apple ... I'm not sure who doesn't remember this one with it's lovely chimes

What were your favorite classic toys as a kid? We are currently on the hunt for that Fisher Price Record player that winds up!

Have a lovely Thursday!



Cassandra said...

Hi there! I think I'm a lurker so far on your blog so I'm chiming in and introducing myself in case I haven't done so yet. Howdoyoudo?

Lincoln Logs. (And I mean before they were all pre-made pieces with whole roofs, etc. already put together for you.) I spent hours on my Lincoln Log towns. I'd make houses and little sheds and my little people would have yard sales and keep zebras in the paddock. You know. The norm.

Those FisherPrice record players are like the holy grail of good finds! I definitely remember having one of those but I NEVER see them anymore. May the thrifty force be with you on that one! ;)

Tawny said...

Wow! I didn't even remember that apple until I saw it pictured there. I used to have that toy.

My favourite was the FisherPrice barn with all the little animals in it. I used to take the animals out and put my little Smurf figurines in. I always thought that Smurfs should live in a barn and not a mushroom. More space to decorate! hehehe

Kill-A-DJ said...

I never had the Happy Apple, but I did have the Happy Power Outlet.

marathon1981 said...

Cassandra, lovely to meet you!!
I've seen Lincoln Logs in pictures, but I never had those ones, although they looked like a great alternative to legos too!

Gwyn has the FP barn at grandma and grampa's house. It was Mike's when he was a kid and they saved it all these years ... but the door doesn't 'moo' anymore!


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