Found it!

This week's post is a little late due to the excitement of Mike being in the studio recording his albums for which he needed the van to haul gear which means we can't haul treasures over the weekend.
But here we are, Gwyn and I found treasures after all!

I had been keeping my eyes open for one of these spool organizers and I found one for only a couple dollars. Most of these spools of colourful thread were also thrift finds, many of them are on wooden spools (my favorite) and are 100% cotton and silk.

This lovely small red enamel sauce pot, made in Yugoslavia, caught my eye but it was stained and burnt on the the inside so we found a different purpose for it with some new bushy succulents

and a few new tea cups for my growing cacti collection

I finally read about someone who gets as excited about simple cactus things as I do at The Dainty Squid!

At first I thought this funny thing was a red metronome ... but at a closer inspection I found out it was a crazy folding gooseneck lamp that works! These type of lamps always make me think of appliances coming alive ... isn't that a cartoon somewhere?

and a sweet electric clock with a great shape and a shiny faux bois shell.

Well, happy treasures this week!



natasha said...

Love that clock!

Cassandra said...

Hi there. I've followed u for a little while but don't think I've introduced myself. So hi!

I LOVE cacti and succulents too! I have way too many and also love scouring thrift stores for interesting vessels to house them. :) Oh, and the movie I think you're thinking of is The Brave Little Toaster. I know exactly what you mean. That lamp is very cool (and totally looks like the one from the film).

Hearthandmade said...

i love your finds!! Especially the spool organiser!

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

more serendipity!
the only plants in my studio are cactus, I buy spool organizers to hold wire and I also love your finds :)

Veronica said...

I just found your blog through Etsy, so...Hi! :) I looooove the cacti in teacups...so cute! And oh, The Brave Little Toaster... cutest movie ever!!

Swing by my blog and say hi!

marathon1981 said...

oh excitement! Thanks everyone for saying HI! I'm totally going to go rent the Brave Little Toaster to watch with Gwyn now (: and I'm so excited to know i'm not alone in cactus love! hehe


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