Found it!

I found these great little 'Cowboy and Indian' toys today at the thrift store. I think they are kind of politically incorrect ... not the kind of toy you would find now-a-days ... but I enjoy their historical nostalgia I guess. The first VHS movie we ever bought for home was "The Indian in the Cupboard", about a boy who puts a plastic indian toy in a magical cupboard and it comes to life and goes to school in his pocket. There's more to it than that, but it was a great movie to us kids.

Another wonderful flower suitcase. It was $4.99 and on the way home I checked in the pocket and found a $5 bill!

I found this little art smock for Gwyn and something about it also reminded me of childhood and finger-paints and kindergarten.

These wonderful authentic vintage dresses weren't my find, but they were found for me (for Gwyn) by the lovely DizzyDame. They are brand new with tags and everything and they are JUST Gwyn's style!

She is also enjoying her new gypsy bunny!

Hope your treasure hunts go well this week too!



Maria said...

Great finds! I love the suitcase- the color combo of green and blue is my favorite. and it was basically free- so lucky! :)

marathon1981 said...

thanks! Free is always nice, plus they give a student discount! woot!

marysza said...

I HATE YOU!! (suitcase;p)
Why you find suitcases like this in your thrift store!! i want such treasures here too!! and toys are lovely, if i would be again i would love to play with them;d and dresses! i love them can't wait to see a photoshot with gwyn weraing them;d;d


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