Family Fridays

This week we didn't go out to many crazy adventures ... it was more of a stay in kind of week. And regular kind of weeks mean lots of playing, dressup, photo shoots with mum, and messes. Lots of messes. Those of you who are mum's know what I mean. In our house we try to keep a minimum of toys around at any given time, because the novelty wears off pretty quick ...

So that often means other things become toys ... like mum's projects, containers,  daddy's music, etc.

she loves hats.

Here is where daddy was distracted and the CD's got a rearranging. Not sure how the fan got involved but the crash put an end to that game ...

more playing with craft projects ...

and such a good little model when mum wants a cute picture

My sister came back from her one year trip from Mozambique Africa on Tuesday so tomorrow we are all heading back to the Farmers Market and to do some thrifting! Hope you are a great weekend!


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