Family Fridays

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Record shopping is one of our family's favorite "let's get out of the house" excuses. Well, that and thrifting.
So the other day was just one of those days where we needed to go to the record shop ... to "look" ...

Well seeing as they had a sale of used cd's and dvd's, it was hard to resist when we all found something we would like.

I found 'Eagle vs Shark' which is SUCH a fun amazing film from New Zealand ...

Mike found the entire series of Battlestar Galactica

and Gwyn got the original 'Bambi' soundtrack.

Now we're really not big on Disney in our home, but Grandma L got Gwyn a Thumper plush from their trip to Disney land and she sure does love bunnies, so she saw Thumper on the cover ... and I used to have that soundtrack on a picture record as a kid ... so we gave in!  .... Just so long as she understands when she's older that Disney is run by a frozen nazi, I guess it's ok. hah. But it is sweet music.

What's your favorite family outing on a boring afternoon?
Hope your weekend is amazing!



Dizzy Dame said...

My family loves thrifting and watching Kung Fu movies.BTW I have a widget for you if you like.

marathon1981 said...

Oh Kung fu movies are awesome! Yes, send me widgetness!


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