Family Fridays

I'm going to try a new feature called Family Fridays where you can see some of our weekly adventures. Blogging is a great way to show family overseas what is going on as well skype once in a while. My sister has been in Africa for the last year and my brother lives in Japan so I want them to get a chance to see their niece in all her silly glory!

This week we went to the Zoo with grandma L. , Gwyn's first trip there. She seemed a little overwhelmed at first, but she got the hang of it.

I think the monkeys were her favorite. 

We all laughed when she called them 'monsters' because they looked like some of the fuzzy creatures I've made.

Checking out the Snow Leopard from daddy's shoulders.

this turned out to be the best place to relax

the prairie dogs have always been a favorite

and the little Gwyn sized door to the discovery centre

This week the Fringe Festival is also in town and we got a chance to see the Lune Vintage Eggie Trailer in person!

There were so many pretty things inside!

These were the best bi-focals ever! Although I think I would have walked into traffic if I wore them, they were a bit strong!
A great little shop, definitely the most original booth at the Fringe.

After the shops we went to Old Market Square where the petting zoo was packing up just as we got there, but this sleepy little cow was still out.

and Gwyn found someone her size to dance with

After all the excitement, we walked past the fountains at the Legislative buildings to cool our feet on our way home.

Hope you enjoyed this little feature! Have the best weekend, I know I will cuz Sunday is my birthday!


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