Prairies across the sea

Earlier this summer I received a custom request from a customer on Etsy for 4 pairs of Prairie Dog Pillows that I have in my shop.  She told me she was from Japan and was a prairie dog owner and I was surprised and excited to make this order for her! Little did I know where was a whole commuity of people who keep these little creatures at PETS in Japan! 

This is a photo of her real pet prairie dog and his new companion from the real prairies

I accepted her request and she spread the word amongst her friends who also wanted pillows, so I have since been commissioned for 12 pairs in total. It has been a very exciting summer for my little shop and I have been very blessed with some amazing customers and friends who have shown support for my little creative adventure.

Sometimes when inspiration doesn't quite strike it is always a wonderful pleasure to have special requests that keep the creative juices flowing. 

This very evening I was able to attend a Sharing Craft evening with local crafters and craft enthusiasts, put together by the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, which I now know more about. It is wonderful to be able to share making with others and a special treat to share with other crafters who are also mums!



Erin said...

Oh my, they are too cute!

marathon1981 said...

hey thanks! I'm making a huge batch tonight! (:


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