Found it!

Our house has suitcases in almost every room. I have been collecting vintage suitcases and trunks and bags for years and I just can't seem to help it when I see a great one, it has to come home with me. 
On the plus side, they are a great place to hide extra stock, VHS tapes, nintendo stuff, supplies, toys ... things that don't always need to be out, and they look so great in a little stack.

so of course I couldn't say no when I saw this little flowered beauty for only $1.49!

This great coaster set caught my eye with it's bright shiny green drop shape. Initially I only saw 5 coasters inside, but we found the other one loose in a different part of the store so it's a complete set!

I have such a soft spot of sweet little bunnies. I only wish old salt and pepper shakers didn't come with old salt and pepper still inside! I sneeze every time I have to dump them out!

And my most triumphant find this week was this great stack of vintage fabrics! I couldn't wait to make creatures with it so I made some new friends right away.

And some lovely lonely napkins.

I hope you've had some treasure hunting success this week too!!



Amanda said...

Okay, I love these posts! I love how you can see potential in things that I would just walk past. You have such a good eye!

marysza said...

yup i had some good treasurehunting yesterday too, but of course with fabrics cuz we don't have here second-hands with other things like ones you have found :) i love the suitcase!! it is super beautiful! and the flowery napkin omg i'm in love with it!!!! fabrics.. also great, especially the blue, white and striped one;d i love bunnys.. the ones you have find are sooooo sweet! ;d

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Amanda! Sometimes it just takes putting something kinda ugly in a different context and it becomes a treasure (:

Agnes used fabrics are the BEST, you have had some luck too!


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