Found it!

This week I found some great strawberry jam jars. I actually found a third one after I took this photo. I think I need to start a collection. Usually my collections start because I found 3 of something I like and then I just keep my eyes open!

This whacky little couple made me laugh. Unfortunately the lady has a hairline crack so I might just put some succulents in them.

A little mermaid baby reminds me of Gwyn somehow (:

This funny bag is one find I have had for a while but I've never taken the time to photograph it. It is one of my most treasured finds from over the years.

I've been looking for a good but small little metal box to keep my change in for craft shows and I finally found this bright orange beauty for only 50 cents!

Hope you've enjoyed this week's finds!!



marysza said...

those strwaberry jams are beautiful! great find! and the bag.. the bag is loveeely! i love bag, i have about 20xd or more i don't know, and this one with a rainbow is the one i could have;d

marathon1981 said...

hey thanks (: it is a pretty sweet bag. Sometimes I don't want to carry it just incase something happens to it or it gets ripped but then I feel like i miss out on how fun it is hehe


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