Found it! # 3

Another one of my favorite finds are old tins. Toffee tin, coffee tins, tins to keep buttons and papers and tins that are just strange. I found this tin with a lid that has several different ladies around it. I don't know what it was from, but I love this lady the most ... 'The Mole" ... it cracks me up!

This awesome lunch box has travel stamps all over both sides from all over the world. I don't think I can find room for this one though, so it is in my shop

Along with this lovely mod flower toffee tin. I love blue and brown together.

Gwyn loves to play with anything that has a lid!

Cya next time!


marysza said...

i love the white tin with blue-brown motive (i love blue and brown together aswell!) and the lunch box looks very interesting, it would fit all my scrap accesories etc probably;d haha.
and.. i don't really like the photos from the red tin;p they are weird, i know that they are from a different time, when everything was different but i don't like them!! ;d

Idle Wife said...

I'm jealous of your nice tin finds! I'm a bit of a tin hoarder myself.


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