Found it! # 2

This weekend we had some pretty great garage sale scores. We found a video projector for Mike, some silly toys for Gwyn and a great big green chair for meeeee!

Gwyn always comes on treasure hunting adventures with me. One of our favorite treasures is vintage kids clothes for her. I think this Ernie sweater has got to be one of our best finds. She gets comments on this one ALL the time!

I also like to collect small hippos for my windowsill. They come from all over, stone, wood, plastic ... I found THREE new ones at a local thrift store!

I went to a clothing swap with a friend and the girl who hosted had a fabulous crocheted daisy blanket on her couch. I decided to find one like it AND I DID! It was a very exciting moment ...

I put it on my new big green chair and it has already been claimed.

I have been wanting to find a big chair with big arm rests for a while, prefect for stories and snuggles. 

Ok I guess Mogwai can stay cuz she's SO cute!



marysza said...

this blanket is beautiful! and omg i want to find a little hippo for my dad, for father's day on 23rd and he loves hippos, we bought for him an enormous plushie hippo for Christmas and thanks to you i have a new idea;p and your cat is sooo cute!! ;d

Erin said...

I love that blanket! It is so bright and happy. :)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks I love it too. It really brings a bright spot to the room (:


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