Father's Day Adventure

Father's Day today started with a nice sleep-in, and then Gwyn jumped on daddy to give him his card. We headed out to visit my grandfather in his residence. While we waited for him to come to the 
courtyard, Gwyn stole this man's walker ... 

... and made some new friends. She sure cheered up a lot of people. She is a very bold little character and kept walking up to the residence and saying HI or playing with things on their chairs.

After our visit we headed to the Manitoba Museum to explore

One of my favorite places as a kid was the polar bear cave

and the Nonsuch ... a real ship that you can go on, and the little town around it

And just as it was about to close, we got to see a Charlie Chaplin film in the theatre ... Gwyn laughed the whole time!

Hope you all had a lovely day too!



marysza said...

here in Poland father's day is on Wednesday 23rd :) your family is lovely and you're pretty girl looks soooo cheerful! :)

marathon1981 said...

Hey thanks, she is VERY cheerful! I never met a little person who talked and smiles as much as she (:


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