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Gwyn and I have been having some fun adventures together on the days without rain this month. We spend the weekends hanging out all the time and having so much fun. She is a lucky girl to get to stay at home with Mike in the week while I'm at work, so when I'm home, I want to do everything together!

We went for a walk to the Forks in Winnipeg to splash in puddles and check out the market while Mike was working on recording music.

We found a secret tunnel in the bushes just her size!

Fountains and the Legislative Building. She laughed and laughed when the wind blew the spray onto us.


Grandpa invited us out to the St. Andrew's airport where he works to check out airplanes. Gwyn LOVES airplanes!

A mini pilot in training!

Totally in her glory

This weekend she's been invited to her first birthday party ... I don't know if she'll understand just yet, but I'm super excited. She's turning into such a funny little person. 


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