Intermixamania: The Visual

Let me tell you what an amazing weekend this show was ... ! Friday night started as a disaster because I didn't think I was going to make it. Mike was playing drums at a gig and I didn't have anyone to take Gwyn, but my dad came to the rescue and it ended up to being the best night!
Come inside!

There was some great Intermixamania shwag. I got one of the posters.

My wonderful table-neighbor Shandra of 'Head in the Oven'. She takes vintage linens and hand embroiders pop culture lyrics on aprons, tablecloths and pillowcases. SO gorgeous! I have one that says "She blinded me with science!"

Across from us were these lovely ladies from I heart arts doing some needle felting. Gotta love the sock monkey making a pass at the angel lady!

The lovely Mel of DizzyDame. She was making a wool cowl to pass the time and I couldn't NOT take it home! My new favorite piece, I will show you pictures when I take them (:

Some great Pocket Monsters. I got one called Marley for Gwyn.

Acid Man has some great strange products

I loved the machine motorized art by Ray Peterson. Each piece could be activated by the viewer by pressing a button that set the piece in motion.

And my little table. I added a few pieces that I hadn't brought to the TAYGC sale to keep things fresh.

We were allowed to hang things on the walls behind our tables as well. I had thumbtacks, duct tape and no level ... so things were a bit wonky, but it was still neat to see my stuff on the walls of a gallery!

I sold the three Building Monsters I brought with me on the first night, so these three were created over the weekend.

During the evenings there was a bar and snacks and a GIANT silver platter of ANIMAL CRACKERS! The greatest.

During the day there was also a letter press tent outside set up by Martha Street Studio, where you could make your own print. 

Besides all the amazing things to see, there was music all day/night long from DJ's to punk bands and Leslie Hall who was so crazy! 

This was an amazing weekend and a great new event for Winnipeg. I hope to do it again next year!!!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour.



marysza said...

hi! i liked your little tour! i felt like i had beed there :) your monster pictures on that wall look great, i didn't see them before. i wish somewhere here were similar events. if they are they are organized just for few picked people from a specific group. but i hope someone will organize something nex year :) now i'm learning to an oral exam from polish so i even don't have time to lear to sew.. ehh :( i hate exams (maybe because i always learn few days before haha, but i can't waste time earlier for it;d) oh and your monsters are really scary;p

marysza said...
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marathon1981 said...

I think maybe when you're done exams YOU should become an organizer! Wouldn't it be neat to start a whole craft show scene in Poland! (: well maybe it would be a lot of work, but it could be fun. hah.
I hope your exams go well. I don't like studying either but I will have to get used to it again soon!

Milena said...

You're so awesome! Thank you so much for joining us! I'm glad you had fun =-) I know people LOVED your super cool work... I heard a lot about it ;-) Whooo!!

marathon1981 said...

Milena thanks for being an AWESOME organizer!! It was such a fun weekend and the hours just flew by, I seriously look forward to it again!


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