Found it! # 1

One of my favorite things to shop for at thrift stores is vintage sewing supplies and related 'notions'. This weekend we drove out to Brandon MB and while the guys put up posters in the rain, Gwyn and I went to the local MCC thrift shop and found this awesome vintage knitting bag amongst our treasure hunt. I love that military style stamp font!

Some of my other favorite finds are this old sewing machine accessories tin. It had a few parts inside, but I want to keep my most special buttons in there instead.

This fabulous little scrap of fabric was only 10 cents. I want to save it for a really awesome project cuz it's SO small

This great blue squares fabric was a score too. It's nice and thick like a canvas with sewn edges. I think it was used for some great basement curtains and one point in it's life.

A lovely printed table linen. It is much to pretty to be a tea towel, too large for a napkin and too small for a tablecloth. I think I might turn it into a cushion or a bag.

This little oven mitt seems more decorative than functional, but it was 50 cents and SO CUTE!

I think I am going to make this regular feature where I share some thrifting finds/tips/tricks. Treasure hunting has been something I've been doing since as far as I can remember. Sometimes you can tell something is vintage or special just by the texture or the way the light hits it. I think that is why I love it ... it becomes a skill and the thrill of the hunt! Let me know your favorite finds!



marysza said...

great finds! especially the tin (i love tins, yesterday i bought some to organise my super unorganised sewing etc. accesories:)), this blue square fabric is also great.. and i'm in love with the white and blue fabric!! flower patterns are so beautiful! haha and i have to agree that the ovet mitt is really super cute! great finds! :):)

marathon1981 said...

Hey thanks! Do you have the same kind of thrift/used stores in Poland? I think it would be so great to find used stuff in Europe from all different countries (:
Tins are my favorite too!

aubrey said...

Nice finds! I love the little scrap of fabric! What are your plans for the blue fabric?
I usually look for vintage linens and pyrex. I am currently excited about a floral sheet which I think might make a cute skirt--or be totally tacky--either way! :) At the least, pajama pants!

Erin said...

Great finds!

marathon1981 said...

Aubrey, I love pyrex too! I have to be careful or my kitchen will become WAY too small for it all!
I already used part of the blue fabric making a monster rabbit and some in a collage, but I almost just want to frame a piece!

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

Rural MCC stores are the best!
I am seriously thinking of organizing a girl's Saturday drive to some of the closer ones, like Steinbach, Niverville, Grunthal, Morris.....I love the thrill of the hunt too!

marathon1981 said...

I was totally thinking of that too for this summer. I know the Altona one is HUGE!!!

Cassandra said...

Hi there! Brand new to your blog - saw you on Etsy's front page. Just wanted to introduce myself and also say - great finds! I love that red bag. I've never seen anything like it - I'm a diehard vintage lover too. :) That thrill of finding a perfect something never gets old.

marathon1981 said...

Cassandra, great to meet you! It was a pleasant surprise to find myself on the front page today! It's been a great way to connect with other makers and finder (: Welcome!

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

I hear the Niverville one is the best! but Altona too? hmmm gotta plug this all into google maps and see if it's doable in a day!

marathon1981 said...

oh Niverville, i didn't know they had one! planning planning (: now the rain has to stop for a road trip!


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