This week I decided I needed a new toy, so Gwyn and I went to the camera store and got this little beauty ...

I wanted to get a camera that could come with us all the time and not have to worry about lenses and camera bags when we just want to document what we are up to. It even comes with a 'toy camera' filter that makes things look all 'holga-ey' which is super fun!

We also went to the mall and had some fun in the photobooth! I think this is one of the last photobooths still around ... there may be one still in the airport ...

She got the hang of it after the first two!
Today Mike was out so the girls went shopping and brought the new camera ... she LOVES sunglasses!!

 We found a new park today too! Being apartment dwellers, we lack a yard, so we do park tours and go to all different parks in the city. This park had wooden play structure which are hard to come by since they replaced most of them with the plastic and coloured metal ones. Once we crossed town to see a park I went to as a kid and it was the same structure as the one across the street!
I LOVED the wood ones when I was a kid.

This long weekend we are going to visit Brandon MB for the day to poster for Mike's band's upcoming show happening there on June 12. Should be a fun day out! (we're bringing the camera!)



Kill-A-DJ said...

Uh, the show is June 12th.
Also, why was I where I was when I could have been with you guys?

marathon1981 said...

Oopps, fixed the date. You should be with us next time, we are fun girls! much better than video games d:


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