Baker's man

Tonight Gwynedd and I decided to make banana bread together. Well as much 'together' and you can with a 20 month old!
I let her stir and pour in the chocolate chips though, and she did such a great job. We wore our aprons together and she sat so well in her little helper chair.

It turned out so yummy, but she was already in bed when it was done!

One of my goals for the new year was to get better at taking photos. I've been using Gwyn as my little model when the light is good in our sunroom so I will share some of our little photo shoots with you.

These are the flowers she and Mike got me for Mother's Day!

I think she is the best dressed little person I know (:



Kill-A-DJ said...

I see her everyday and I still fall in love with her when I see pictures of her on your blog.


aubrey said...

One of my goals is to take better photos too--yours look great! And how could they not with such an adorable little model! I can't wait until my little one is old enough to 'help' in the kitchen. For now she just bangs on a pot with a wooden spoon.

Erin said...

Too cute!

marathon1981 said...

thanks all (: One day I will show her this blog and she's gonna blush!

marysza said...

omg your daughter is so cute! the photo on which she is sitting on a case is great! oh and i am hungry because of those few first photos!! haha;d

marysza said...
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