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I like to think about cities.
My city, foreign cities, how they came to be and how I couldn't live without them, how they function and why people live in them ...

This inspires me to make city art:

The dream Mike and I have, is to one day (finish our degrees and get "real" jobs) own a little piece of land with a home and a music studio building and an art studio building and a little place to keep pigmy goats! And Gwyn can have a puppy and some rabbits and we'll grow wonderful food and make beautiful things every season .... Even though I love living downtown, one part of me wants to hide away sometimes.

My favorite days are when we go to a different park or a shop across town, or go for ice-cream or lunch in a new place and I feel like I'm traveling in a different city and not just Winnipeg. I like being a tourist at home, without a map, taking pictures of buildings I love and going down lanes I've seen hundreds of times but never walked.

One of my favorite cites that I've visited is Belfast Norther Ireland. There was so much feeling and history there, and significant things that happened down specific streets that made the concrete structures seem to have stories to tell. The graffiti there really sent a message, not just a tag, and the people who lived there seemed stronger for it.  Unfortunately all the pictures from that trip were lost, but there are some incredible murals there too.
What is your favorite city?


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