TAYG Craft Sale: The Visual

Yesterday's craft sale was SO amazing! The organizers estimated 400+ people showed up in the 5 hours! The place was packed almost the entire time, so it is lucky I got some photos before the doors opened.

I am so so grateful for all the wonderful support for local crafter in this city, there were so many amazing people that came by and I got to meet some really great crafters too. Although it can be exhausting, I'm looking forward to doing it again in two weeks at the Intermixamania show. I love having a reason to make make make!

The space the show was held was on the 4th floor of an old building in someone's studio who kindly let us make use of the space. It was cozy but the lighting was great at my table and the entire place had a great atmosphere.

Just The Goods had a great selection of her amazing body products. I had to have a couple of body butters and lip balm. I kept coming past just for the smell! I also highly recommend a relaxing bath with her bath melts. SOOOoOoOOo smoooth!

Local shop owner of Sew Dandee, Andee Penner had her not so nice cards, some sweet knit headbands, and some funny gotch!

My table neighbor did some really colourfull pendants from fuzed glass.

Some local themed pins and t-shirts from Roy Liang, one of the organizers. I got Gwyn an Maiden Manitoba shirt since she came with us to Iron Maiden when I was 7 months pregnant!

Super cute printed bags, shirts scarves etc from Boomerang 360 and glassware by Dallas Jasper of Meld Fused Glass

There were so many great tables and products crammed into this space, it was such a high energy afternoon. I wish I could have taken pictures of each table they all looked so great.

I'm looking forward to doing this show again next year if it happens. Hope you all enjoyed the little tour! 



Just the Goods said...

Omg! You have the most awesome blog, Kami, and the most awesome wee animals and robots and monsters and octopi! Whoo! Thanks for mentioning JTG, btw! You're the sweetest =-)
See you again real soon!! I'm thrilled you'll be part of Intermixamania! Yay!

marysza said...

great little tour, your works are sooo beautiful, especially pin cushions;p hope you sold everything..!! ;d

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

congrats on another successful sale!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks for checking it out ladies!!

Agnes, yours was the first pin cushion of its kind! It was so cute i had to make more


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