Last night I went to an amazing clothing swap. My friend Julie is one of the most creative and inspiring women I know and I was so glad she called me up this week for a swap with some great girls!

It was awesome to be able to trade 3 bags of clothes that I didn't want (didn't fit) for one bag of new treasures. Even something like a bad 80's sweater can become a treasure when you see it on someone with great style.

It is also nice to see people almost fighting over clothes you have loved but are passing on, and see that your style looks awesome on other people too!

I forgot to bring my camera but the best part was watching the guys try on some of the girls stuff and walk away with some great looks!



Erin said...

What a great idea!

marathon1981 said...

it's so much fun. each swap i've been to has its own type of rules ... you can make it up as you go along (:


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