It has been a fun little week of projects.

Gwyn and I made butterfly pancakes for breakfast. She was my inspiration when I ripped off a piece for her and she called it a butterfly. It reminded me we had a butterfly cookie cutter! They were a nice snack for later in the day.

Here are some paper bags I whipped up for the up coming craft sale. Hand carved stamps are so charming and pretty simple to make. I learned how here.

Have fun making!



marysza said...

from few weeks i'm wodnering how to do my won stamps.. and now you reminded me.. that few years ago, in first class od Secondary Art School, we did on a lesson Graphic Art something called Linoryt (i don't know how is it in eglish, and i can't find a translation).. it's the same thing like i saw on the link with the tutorial.. i'm really stupid because i didn't think it up earlier.. ahh;p wish you lots and lots of customers at the craft sale!

marathon1981 said...

I wonder if the translation would be something like Lino-cut. Thats sort of what I did but I was using a soft rubber and Linolium is way harder to cut!
Thanks for the great wishes, I'll be sure to post about how it goes!!


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