It has certainly been a week of positive attention for marathon1981!

Thanks to Handmade in Manitoba for the lovely review of our table at the TAYG craft sale. More photos also at Something In Latin and Snapaholic. Thanks girls!

We also made it into a few of Treasury East's this week - Narwhal pillows in Unicorns of the Sea by Keads and Garden Tentacles in Picks of the Week by littlebunny and I Heart the Bradys by CampHobachee.

The focus for the next week and a half is to prepare for the Intermixamania DIY Craftival at the PlugIn May 7,8,9. Marathon1981 will be there Saturday and Sunday with the release of the brand new things I will be making these coming days! So new, I don't even know what they will be yet

Besides all THAT I have a custom order for 8 pairs of Prairie Dog Pillows to send to Japan and I suppose I should look into registering for school again ...

Exciting times! Hope you are all having fun being busy too.


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