I've been so looking forward to posting this week but as soon as I was all ready, my camera battery needed to charge so I couldn't upload all the photos I wanted ... bah!

G is asleep so now I can be on the computer without having to show her Youtube videos of tractors (her current obsession besides stars, clouds and the moon) 18 months is a fun age.

So here are some of the things happening around here. I've been working on some building monsters for the spring "Ain't Grandma's Craft Sale" coming up, and because I think they are SO CUTE!
I think I will still give them arms ... maybe holding an umbrella ...

Don't you love his strut?

They aren't really plushies though, inside they have a wire frame so you can't really snuggle them, but I think they would look super cute attacking other things on a shelf.

This weekend was more fun family time. We played with bubbles inside because its just a bit to crisp out still even though it is fully sunny.

I also taught G how to water the plants (with pretend water)

Now we just need a garden, and some warm weather!


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marysza said...

lovely monsters!! and thank you for the sunflower postcard!! i love it and it was a big suprise seeing it in the mailbox!! ;d


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