oh dear capitals

Well let me just say this week started less than my favorite way and it is only Wednesday ... but I quickly forget the crappy stuff (losing my PHONE! and burning my arm at WORK! .. ETC!) oops ...

when I find out about the GOOD STUFF! for example:

I've been accepted for the juried spring version of "This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale" which I totally needed because I have SOOooOo many ideas and I love having a solid goal to work towards.
Now I have to make a million little awesomenesses for April 24th *pumped*

And ... today I was featured on 'Better Homes & Gardens" for my mini ceramic cities in a lovely little city and building feature. Please go check it out and see all the lovely work! I want these linens!

aaand ... my lovely Michael left me a little chocolate treat in the fridge! THE BEST!

now let's see what tomorrow will bring ....



Juliette Crane said...

congrats on the feature! found your work through etsy and love your style. so many fun things. best wishes to you! and good luck with the craft show. hoping to do my first this summer:)
xoxo, juliette

marathon1981 said...

Juliette, thanks so much! I hope your craft show goes well too. this will be my third and it is so addicting (:
Your etsy shop is SO cute, you have a very unique style

warm regards



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