I wouldn't use an umbrella but I love them

I think if I had more expensive tastes I would like to have all these things.
As it is, I am very much a thrift store junkie and can't handle spending more than $20 for a t-shirt. And every time I get something new, somehow the first time I wear it I spill something on it. I bought some new pants and the same day I wore them got BLEACH on the ankles at work!

I also like to wear my clothes to death so I have no concept of keeping up with fashion. I remember when I was younger asking myself, when, at what age, was I supposed to wear button-up shirts, because to me that was a symbol of adulthood, and I wasn't sure I was ready to give up comfy shirts and hoodies. Now, at 28 and a half ... I'm a mother and I still haven't (:



Aron said...

I used to have that umbrella! I loved it, but the wind thrashed it after one winter. :(

marathon1981 said...

Aww too bad, it's such a clever umbrella! (:

Skooks said...

Aw. I'm with you. As I type this I'm wearing a thrifted softball jersey I acquired in early college. I'm a mom and I'll be 31 at the end of this month.

Adulthood Shm-adulthood.

marathon1981 said...

Skooks, thats awesome (: I think I have one old t-shirt left I had from grade 11 still, but its JUST clinging to life.


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