I've had the most fun and wonderful weekend. It has felt like the days are all triple as long ... in a good way!

Mike and I have been making an effort to spend less time on the computers in different rooms, and more time hanging out together and it has been SO good! I think we realized we were missing each other even though we are at home.

The weather has been so nice we were able to open the sun porch and put a chair in and today we set up a play area for Gwyn. It makes the house feel so much bigger to have an extra room again.

We rented movies and went for walks and read together in bed like an old couple. Tomorrow we are going to walk to the Exchange District and go record shopping, eat out for lunch, and wander wherever we feel like. I am just happy.

 I am ALSO very excited that SPRING IS HERE!

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marysza said...

good for you that spring is.. in canada! here it's snowing all d time!!

marathon1981 said...

I don't wanna say the 'S' word incase it comes back!!! Sometimes we get a big load in april and a flood with it


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