A day out of the city

Michael, Gwyn and I spent the day out at Mike's parent's farm yesterday to watch the big Olympic hockey game. They live 20 minutes outside the city and sometimes it is just so nice to get away from downtown and buildings and cars and noise.
I was really glad I brought my camera. I'm still no expert at photography but my good friend Sandy let me take a few good shots of her.

And here's one of me

I love how blue the sky was and all the trees had frost on them.

Here is a winter shot, and one I took in the summer. I could look out across this land for ages and ages.

Another comparison shot I took at about the same time of year.

The first one is Gwynedd at about 9 months. The second is at 17 1/2 months. I still can believe how fast she has grown! I love watching things change and grow.

I also got a lovely package in the mail from POLAND!
I was so excited. This is the pin cushion I received from the swap with Agnes. I don't think she even knew that sunflowers were my favorite! And a lovely postcard I will add to my colleciton. Thank you sweetie!

This is the one that I made for her:

Now to enjoy the rest of my sunny day off and try to stay away from the computer and actually make some stuff!


Leigh-Ann said...

CUTE pincushions!!! :)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks LA, what a fun project! I hope you do more swaps, I'm so IN!!

thursday said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love your little robots!

marathon1981 said...

thursday, thanks! I think I'm heading in a robotic direction these days (:


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