It has been fun working with clay at home again. These are some robots I am working on (inspired by the project below) for a possible spring craft show. I should find out this week if I get in. I love having something exciting to work towards, I work well when the pressure is on. 

Tomorrow is the first day of Indie Biz class and I am SUPER pumped! I know exactly what kind of things I need to work on but I think it will help to have the perspective of girls who have done it before and who have similar life experiences as myself. 

The aim this weekend is to be super creative and take advantage of all the time I have before Tuesday (back to work day). Michael is off to Sask. this weekend to spend time with his friend Chris who is helping with graphic design for Mike's album ... so it's just me and Gwynnie and lots of time to work (cuz otherwise I would just want to hang out and watch movies and do fun stuff with Mike).

I will share a previous project that I only got around to taking photos of today. This is a chess set I made at Art City over half a year ago. Robots vs Monsters. Each piece is different. It took sooooOOoO long to make but was so much fun. I was making it when I was taking classes and only had an hour to spend at Art City so I needed small things to make each week. 



I still can't decide if I will ever sell it or not. We can't have nice things around with two crazy cats and a toddler so it has been in a box for ages.

Well have a lovely evening, I think it is bed time for this girl.


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