Asymmetry feels nice

I got a new haircut today. I've been dying to get one for a while and finally came up with something I LOVE! I finally have a regular stylist which makes me feel so grown up. It's nice because she remembers how my hair works and what we did last time and my style. I used to just go wherever my mum went!

Well the lighting is crappy but I feel so CUTE!

Here is the before this afternoon ... It feel SO nice to have it off my neck!

I've been busy gathering random materials and thrifted treasures to put together some new projects for my shop and for the craft sale coming up. I will have some photos this weekend to share with you!


lauren verity said...

love! i'm so jealous:) i've tried and tried the short hair cuts, they're just so much fun! but it never works for me... must be my face shape or something!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks so much! I've tried short cuts before too and this is the second one I really really love! I have a hard time finding good cuts for face shape too but i was inspired by Tegan and Sara cuz they sort of have a square jaw line like me (:


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