Happy Saturday!

I always get excited for Saturdays. We have a little routine at our place that we all love. Mike and Gwyn and I all have breakfast together, then get packed up in the van and drive Mike to work, drop him off, and then Gwyn and I get to go to the thrift store! She is always very well behaved when we're treasure hunting and doesn't grab TOO many breakable things. We sure found some treasures today:

Like these great old German scissors. The smallest ones are really really tiny, my fingers barely fit, they were probably for little kids but they are all still REALLY sharp!

We also found these funny tile stickers. I like the design, but the funniest part is the lady in the towel on the package. She looks like she got caught doing something naughty.

Hope you all have a lovely St. Valentine's day!



Giggly said...

Fantastic finds!! I love that tradition too!!

marathon1981 said...

Hey thanks, its so much fun isn't it!?!


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