I am very excited to be participating in the World Wide pin cushion swap over at Freckled Nest!

My swap partner is from Poland and her name is Agnes and she is so sweet! She is just the same age as my sister which makes it even more neat for me.

This is my first pin cushion attempt, a slight mod of the tutorial Leigh-Ann posted. I followed all the steps, except instead of sewing a back to make a square, I sewed the end squares together to make a tube, and then gathered the ends and added buttons to the rumpled ends. cute eh?

I will post the pin cushion I am making for the swap later because I want it to be a surprise!

Here are some very cute buttons I found this week. I want to save them for something super cute.

Today and tomorrow there will also be a big update of vintage goodness on my shop, so look there later for new treasures. 

heart - k


Kill-A-DJ said...

You should make a pin-cushion that looks like a butt.

marathon1981 said...

i will need your photo for reference d:

marysza said...

omg this one is beautiful!! i thought it was for me.. if this is your's first pin cushion.. i can't imagine how gorgeus will look the second one!! ;o

marathon1981 said...

hey thanks! I think the second one is pretty sweet, I hope you will like it! It is going into the mail tomorrow!


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