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I have really been meaning to blog more but I will be honest, I've actually gotten into the Olympics this time around. We don't have telly at our house so we have been using my computer to stream live coverage in the eve, which is when I do my best work ... so now that all the big hockey games are finished until tomorrow .... I will write a little about what else has been going on!

Story time:

I got my very first pet rabbit for my 2nd birthday. She was a Dutch Belted and her name was Ginger. Since then, I have been pretty obsessed with rabbits. I went on to get a wonderful English Lop named Loppsy and after that I truly loose count. My dad built a hutch in the back yard where the rabbits could live all year long and soon I had a breeding pair and about 8 babies. Then we built another hutch for more pairs and more babies. I started my own little business breeding and selling Holland Lop and Mini Rex rabbits. I was 12 years old. I made business cards and joined a local rabbit club, attended shows and contests. My friend Lydia and I even organized a local rabbit show and parade that made the cover of the Winnipeg Free Press on its 3rd year running.

So all this to say that I've always loved rabbits. It has been a number of years now since I had a pet rabbit, so I suppose my love has expressed itself in different ways. Here are a few of the little inspirations I've had running my etsy shop marathon1981:

These two fellas are my newest experiment with vintage fabrics, faux fur and vintage safety eyes.

The chocolate brown rabbit was a custom order for a lovely lady in Australia!

Monsterabbits based on some of my pen and ink illustrations.

A basket of bunnies (etc) on the way to a craft show.

Little mini canvases. Peek!
This guy took for ages but he was so much fun to sew! I called him Edenfield Humblefoot. Doesn't he have the cutest tail?

Thanks for checking out my long eared friends!


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