these are some of my favorite things

First more pictures of my favorite person who LOVES her sunglasses ... or sunnies as we call them, and nunny as she calls them.

Second ... I finally finally finally got some clay to work with at home! I'm super super excited if you can't tell!

Since going back to work I haven't been able to go the the pottery drop-in at Art City on Tuesdays evenings and I have missed it so much. I have been wanting to get some clay for home but haven't had a chance yet and now I've done it and I am so happy! I already made 8 new tentacles while Gwyn was having a nap today and after this post I'm going to do some more.

Also I thought I should post more pictures of things, so here are some of my favorite things in my house, little collections and objects I enjoy.

pictures in our room

things in the living room. 
maybe more tomorrow when the lighting is better!

heart -k

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