First I want to thank the Cheaperthan's for featuring me in their blog on Winnipeg Etsy talent! It is always so exciting when people find your work and think that it is great. A real boost for a week that has been feeling kind of down and unmotivated.

Well to continue on with the goal theme that is going around ... a trend that I am really enjoying and find a good reminder to create my own lists .... I am making it a goal to start exercising again. I was in the best shape of my adult life JUST when I found out that I was pregnant, and things haven't quite shrank back into place yet. This morning I tried wearing one of my old favorite band shirts and it felt like a shirt from when I was 5! I have a whole drawer with favorite shirts that I just can't part with because I'm determined to get back into them. And most people don't believe when I tell them I'm not the same as before I had Gwyn, but I can tell the difference and I'm fast approaching 30, so I'd like to be in shape NOW rather than try later when things are less elastic!

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