I know every mum thinks that their kids are the best ... but I really do think Gwyn is the coolest little kid ever. Today we played in Mike's studio and she wanted to listen to the ipod with headphones, so here she is listening to Devin Townsend with her favorite kitten Buckweet, and the sweet pillow we got from Zenbecca at the Ain't Grandma's craft sale.

Gwyn and I had a pretty sweet little weekend together going thrifting and hanging out. Sometimes it is alot easier to leave a wiggly little girl at home rather than walk down isles of breakable housewares, but I just like to have her along as my little helper. I want her to be involved in all of the things that we love to do and I can't wait until she can draw and we can turn all her ideas in to real creations and toys. She is either going to be the biggest geek in school, or the other kids will be jealous and think she's the coolest. Either way, she's already the happiest little kid I've ever met.


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