My little brain is sizzling a bit these days ... sizzling and buzzing with ideas and excitement and anticipation about this crazy season in my life where doing art is going somewhere.

I started my little etsy shop marathon1981 this summer on my maternity leave as a way to make sure I kept busy and used the year off as best as I could. Little did I know that in just a few short months I would have pretty close to 100 sales, be participating in local craft shows, meeting amazing people all over the place, and being featured in blogs. Thanks to the Vintageholic Frog for featuring my little squirrel.

Last night was a meeting for the "Ain't Grandma's Craft Sale" at the Park Theatre and I came away so inspired and scared I could barely drive home. I met some sweet girls, Leigh-Ann of FreckledNest.com and her  friend Violet, who will be at the sale and I am so glad there is such a great craft scene in this city ... I just wish I knew about it before now. But the excitement continues and I have 2 more nights to be productive before the sale and my pile of dishes is really really starting to look more like a hill ...


Kill-A-DJ said...

Get all these crafters of yours to manage the music-scene!

6p01156fecd7c1970c said...

You're pretty much adorable. :)


Leigh-Ann said...

Hi Kami! :) WE love youuuu :)

Can you please email me the name (and phone # or website if you have) of that printing place you were telling us about when were at Park on Tuesday. Thanks :)



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