Ain't so bad!

Tonight was an absolute BLAST and the "Ain't your Grandma's Craft Sale".
I didn't know what to expect at all, and I wasn't sure how our space was going to be set up, or what the table would be like ...

My little Hollywood suitcases looked SO good with the LED lights!

At first I wasn't super sure because the table was more of a counter and there wasn't really a place to sit or stand next to our stuff, but it worked out really really good in the end because we were close to the entrance, high up at eye level and there ended up being a seat on top of a fridge behind our area, so we could talk to people and not get in their way.

It was such a fun night. We made a good amount of sales and saw lots of friends who came out for support too ... a big thanks to everyone who came by to visit and check out the sale.


Maria said...

I'm glad you had a good time :) i just wanted to say that i love the suitcases you have in the first pic- that brown one is gorgeous!

zenbecca said...

Hi Neighbours! Wasn't that crazy-fun!? I loved going home with a few empty boxes.

Enjoy the pillow! I'd been hanging on to that shirt just for last night's sale because I knew that it would go to a good home. ;-)

Everything is Ticketyboo!

marathon1981 said...

It was such a great time, I want to do it again already! I hope they put on a spring time one.

Rebecca, the pillow is so perfect in the studio! Its gradually turning into a bit of a mini gallery of stuff we love and stuff about music!

Leigh-Ann said...

Your table was SO pretty Kami :) Miss you!

marathon1981 said...

Aw thanks LA (: Miss you too! You should come for lunch at EAT! again sometime! Also, I wanna come to the next workshop!


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