Well I've been stitching and stuffing and painting and sewing all week and it looks like it has payed off. My living room is packed with owls, squirrels, manatees, sloths and all sorts of random creature creations in preparation for the "Wrap Me Up" craft sale at the Costume Museum in two more weeks.

This will be my very first time selling my crafts in person and I am nervous.

I have always been into making stuff and painting and art and craft, but I have never put my stuff on display before, so this will be a new venture for me. More than anything I'm totally excited.

Michael my husband has been more than totally supportive of all the messes I make around our house to do this stuff, and he never rolls his eyes when I tell him I'm going to the thrift store to find more treasures and supplies. And my daughter, even though she can get in the way sometimes, is always an inspiration. The way we figure it, if no one takes home my creatures, they are hers to play with later.

Well tomorrow is the start of another work week, which is wonderful because my work weeks start on Tuesday and end on Friday. Nite nite.

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