My recent excitement has been preparing for the two local craft shows I will be selling at this year. This will be my first time with my own table, rather than going as a shopper. I'm nervous but mostly excited. I have no idea how much stuff I should make and bring, but I'm just going to make lots and see how it goes!

Here are some of my latest creature creations. These are hand drawn and then painted with fabric dye of various colours. Then I iron them to heat-set the dye, sew on a backing with some vintage fabric from my collection and stuff them with EcoFill, a polyester stuffing made from recycled pop-bottles. I have a lot of fun making these guys. I love painting, but I often need a purpose for painting, and these pillow creatures provide the perfect outlet.  Check out more here.

My next project inspiration is to use my husband's discarded drum-skins as canvases - pre-framed and all. I have been meaning to prime them with white but living in a rental doesn't provide much workspace and the weather has been too cold to get outside and spray-paint ... but I think today might be my opportunity. 


Andrea said...

I like your star nosed mole. :)

marathon1981 said...

tanx!! I had good inspiration (:

Kill-A-DJ said...

remember when we saw that walrus totally take down that polar bear?

marathon1981 said...

oh man, that was intense (:


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