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Since dropping chemistry at the U of W, I have had more of a chance to think about and work on crafting and art, and I have applied for a couple of local craft sales happening in the coming season. This will be my first time having a craft sale table and I am very excited and nervous at the same time.

I am looking forward to meeting more crafters since I have been a total hermit for the last year and I am finally coming out and meeting people again. I loved the year I got so spend with my baby girl and my little family but I feel like I need to break out again.

And so, I will be spending much of my free time in the next month or so building up stock and having fun while wrangling Gwyn and keeping a happy household. I am glad Michael has so much patience with me and my messes!

My new little friend Maurice was my latest project and he is currently on his way to Alberta to his new home with my lovely friend Kim!

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Alexis Goertz said...

hey my sister! your stuff looks great! i cant wait to come home nad craft together.. i am crafting here too with whatever garbage i find.. making jingle belts out of bottle caps etc. cant wait to have some real resources to make quality stuff hahaha. your stuff looks great! love youuu
your baby sis


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