yellows, oranges and reds

Last week I came home from work and there was a mystery pail of wonderful garden tomatoes next to my door and some fresh basil and parsley. What a gift, I thought, from my vegetable garden friends Julie and Graeme. So I called them up and left a message thanking them for the gift, if it was in fact them. Turns out it wasn't ... but they came over with a huge bucket of veggies from the garden they grow, including more tomatoes!

I now have an abundance of fresh produce in my fridge and many many beautiful tomatoes. Thank to the earth and my friends, whoever you are!

This is my foxy that I spent a few days making with my daughter Gwyn. He was a very fun project and he will be finding his way into my Etsy shop tomorrow eve. He is made with vintage reclaimed fabrics, stuffed with wool and hand and machine sewn. His shirt is an old shirt i cut up and used to make it fit him, and his pants are tailored just for him.

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